Luminance (rapierice) wrote in shycomic,

Costuming update!!

I got a reply from Facing Costumes today!

Hi Luminance,

Let's say that all orders paid for by June 10, for the July 20 completion date, will be given the discount. Since the orders are small, they will need to be paid in full in advance through paypal ttabbert AT facingcostumes DOT com.

As for the design of the mask, I understand you need them crafted in a very specific fashion and appreciate that you need the closures and straps custom made to suit your design. As for the inside of the mask, what kind of a texture or color do you need?


Okay guys, so I don't know paypal but the price, including shipping, for a shyguy mask one-size-fits-most will be $US100!

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