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Sims 2

LumiHeihou: i have organised sim pictures should i post them
Zer0 Hunt3r: dooo iiiit
LumiHeihou: k

Just so you know this is her fault. :3 I spent a day trying to get sims that looked a LOT like the Shy characters. I used picture reference! Then I moved them into Pleasantview to fuck with the Sims2 "canon" characters.

I moved them into some house I got off MTS2, so it had bushes and trees and fences and laggy things all over it when I moved them in. Kamek entered staring blankly at a lamp-post.

I needed them as teens (Kano as a child, and Kamek as an adult), but not related, so they all started as adults and I insimenator'd them to the right age. They all ran over to ogle the insimenator. Kai is wearing a lovely orange sweater-vest and Shin-the-boo is dressed like a biker. >_>;

Just a note... I'm letting them do basically whatever they want. One of Ume's first actions was to try and hug Kamek.

. .

It did not go over very well.

NPC cab driver. He also drives the bus. He's a busy guy.

Kisho, in a SUIT, is insulting Nori.

He's a jerk.

As soon as they get home, Kamek knocks Ume's head through a brick wall for trying to hug him, I guess. OW.

I've labelled everyone's locations for simplicity here. Satoru is behind the house. You can only have eight sims in one house... who the heck is Kai waving at? XD;

Not much changes each time I make these guys. I swear to god I'm not controlling them.

Downstairs, there is a party going on.



I go back upstairs in time to watch Satoru congratulate Kai for moving into a house. Even though he lives there too.

And finally! My Kaito is slouchy! In Shea's sims, Kaito always took this pose when Satoru walked into the room and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. X3 He does it all the time and it is wonderful.

Then he goes downstairs, tells the guests to get lost, and reads Kano a book about teddy bears. Oookay.

Kamek and Ume are in Kano and Shin's bedroom. She congratulates him for... er... being hot.

And he returns the favour.

If I leave them alone, they will do this FOREVER in an endless loop. I am not even joking.

MEEEAAANWHILE Kano falls asleep cutely on the couch.

Satoru and Kaito are terrifically gay, as always. *_*;

Shin sets the kitchen on fire, and Kai pitches a spaz because he can't get to the oven to set it on fire for himself.

Of course, when the sprinklers go off he changes his mind. "omguh my hairs!!"

Afterwards Kai has a nervous breakdown. He is traumatised!

And traumatising! O_O

A therapist only Kai can see falls out of the sky to help him. I wouldn't put my hand anywhere NEAR that.

*stab in nose*

He pulls this spinny thing out of hammerspace and uses it on Kai... make him think he's an ukiki a monkey.

"Thanks Mr. Therapist man!"

"Thank you very much!"

Kai and nonexistant therapist man leave these two suckers to clean up the mess.

So to get Kai some aspiration points (non Sims players: to make him happier), he goes on a date with Satoru.

They basically make out all night and become best friends. They are both concerned with different aspects of this.

Kai does this awesome creepy-slouchy "follow Satoru around and stare at him" thing.

It's not so bad when he's smiling I guess, but it's creepier when he's not.

Just a bit creepier.

Kamek is the winner of the creepy cake though.

I guess he got inspired or something because he corners Ume, once again in Kano and Shin's room. She looks terrified.

Note that both Kano and Shin are asleep in here while this is going on.

Ume wanders off and Kamek fluffs his hair. T_T

And now he is--SOMEHOW--looking out the downstairs window at the upstairs bathroom light.

Really, he is still looking out the window and she is making the bed. That is not what it looks like.

Bathroom party! My sims congregate in bathrooms. I have no idea why.

Kai writing in his diary journal all on his own. This cracked me up. XD;

You can add your own music to the sims radios, so this is Nori dancing to that "I be an retarded" song by TMBG

Nori, Shin, and Kano play Gamecube while Satoru and Kaito are snogging in the background.

Kamek CHARGES into the bathroom to lecture Ume for breaking the shower.

Across the house, Kano is shouting at Shin for falling asleep on the floor and getting in her way.

Oops I left them alone for two seconds. What the hell.

And then my game glitched and Ume's face fell off YAY.

Satoru as well, I have no idea why this happened.

Aaaand then Ume CHECKS OUT KAITO. T_T She did that in the last game as well. I don't get it.

Kano tries to do a handstand for Satoru, but falls over instead. Note that Shin has passed out yet again and that no one seems to care.

He boos her. Probably Toru, he's a jerk.

Then he, ah, talks to her about being in love with... himself. >_> That's some ego.

She agrees. T_T Oh god.

Meanwhile Kai is checking out KAMEK. AGH.

Ume checks the mail and finds a love letter adressed to Satoru, from someone that is NOT KAITO. Shocking I know. She pockets it, it is never seen again.

Boat boat boat boat boat.

Kamek fixes the sink by screaming at it. Literally.

Slouchy Kai. I have way too many pictures like this one. Oh, and Satoru's wearing his pants now, he's in girl jeans.

Hold on, Kano does it too! XD

This conversation will not end well.

Nori looks awesomely Nori-like here. No idea what Kamek is doing, probably lamenting his choice of company.

Kamek is too intent on eating his burned pancakes too notice the juggling boo.

Kai is Not Creepy At All. Nori hugged him and so he gawked at her for like a half hour until she walked away.


Is Kaito's favourite book.

That's right. Kai reads romance novels.



"OH WOW!!!

Yeah, Kai, you had better take some notes.

he immediately closes the book and goes to write in his diary journal about lawn gnomes. Meanwhile, Satoru takes advantage of Kai having vacated the couch.

Bathroom party! This is a 2x2 bathroom, I have no idea why they insist on cramming themselves in there.

Nori discovers Kamek has placed anti-kamenbito charms on his crystal ball. ZZAAAP.

I am Snape, the potions master! Ume is coming to bother him.

Shin has some hardcore friends to sneak out with, I guess. He is picked up in a limo.

Shin makes a new friend.

So I should probably explain... Shin, in Shy, is a boo. He was once a human boy who died on pnemonia. You can kill sims with pnemonia, so I thought "why not" and made him. It is IMPOSSIBLY difficult to kill them by disease, though... I thought I might be getting close at this point, where EVERYONE would start "worry"ing at him whenever he coughed or whatever.

Even NPCs.

Seriously, it says in their agenda, "worry."

Shin does not like where this conversation is going. Also, Satoru watches sports! :D

Right, so this may come as a surprise but simkai is really really gay.

Satoru doesn't seem to mind.

Shin, on the other hand, shuts off the TV and leaves.

Kamek is across the room gawking at them while pretending to read a book, which is not creepy at all.

This is my favourite conversation in The Sims, EVER. Watch Shin, too.

"So, Satoru?"

"Oh yeah! Satoru! <3"

Shin: *thunk*

Shin's an awesome boo, even for not being a ghost at all (yet)

DUH HUR KISHO! Kisho never does anything interesting. I have no pictures of him.

"Oh boy, chess!" Meanwhile, Shin is trapped.

So, er. This is Ruki. >_>;;; Satoru likes him so much he knocked over the trashcan to kiss him, I guess.

Ruki is introduced to Kai, who checks him out immediately after they shake hands. Fdafksld.

Then Shin finally DROWNED, so I exited to the neighborhood, came back, and killed him myself with cheat codes. Stupid boo.

Kano brings "Godric" from the prologue comic home from school, and they talk about bugs.

Then she goes and stares at Shin's grave. they are all taking this way too well. >_>;

The end!
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